Research Group "Human and Societal Factors" (HSF)

HSF is the Human and Societal Factors research group (RG) of the KASTEL Security Research Labs. The RG "Human and Societal Factors" focuses on answering research questions in the area of human- and law-aligned security and privacy by design. Researchers entail security and privacy measures specifically developed from scratch considering security, privacy, usability and legal aspects. Thereby, the research efforts currently cover four research areas and one cross-cutting topic and have established collaborations with researchers from other RGs and from all three labs.


Usable Secure Authentication for AR / VR

Anti-Phishing Awareness Measures

Eye-Tracking Experiments
Experiment Applications

In Progress

Eyetracking Based Authentication First discussions with Thorsten Strufe's group and Patricia Arias Carbacos
Verifiable Eletronic Voting First discussions with Jörn Müller Quade and Bernhard Beckert